Welcome to the latest installment of the Unity Master Class, brought to you by the experienced team here at the School of Game Design.The Unity game engine has revolutionized the game industry making it possible for anyone to develop and publish amazing games, applications, and websites.This Master Class on Unity covers everything from the absolute basics of the engine, to advanced techniques in level design, character animations, physics, and programing. Making this the perfect course for both new and advanced game developers!Lets have a look at the tons of exciting topics you will master by the time you are done with this course.Getting you started with Unity the right wayIf you are totally new to Unity and game development in general, the first section of this course has you covered! We will start things off by introducing you to Unity, the development community, and the many free assets and tools we will be using along the way to make amazing games.We will make sure you are up and running and perfectly comfortable with the vast Unity user interface, that way you will feel confident as you follow along later in more advanced sections of this series.Learn to code with the powerful C# programing language With 40 chapters in this section alone, those of you who are new to programming will learn everything from the absolute basics of code, all the way up to essential coding skills you will need to make advanced interactivity in the apps and games you develop.Bring everything to life with essential game mechanics Once you are armed with incredible coding skills, we will jump into some truly powerful game mechanics that you will use in every game you make moving forward. We will cover fundamental concepts like movement, interactions, and triggers The basic DNA that make up most games. When you are done with this section of the master class you will already have enough game development knowledge to bring complex games to life in no time at all. At this point you will be ready to launch your own game!Create professional levels with advanced game assets and code!In this section of this master class we will have you building complex game levels with incredible lighting, animations, interactions, and effects. Giving you real experience on what its like to work with professional studio level code and assets.Students who complete this course will have the skills needed to bring any game they can image to life. So if you are serious about being a game designer, then lets jump in and together, unlock the power of the Unity game engine.Latest Section – Start Creating 2D Games without code!In this latest section we will be taking through designing and developing a fully playable 2D game level without the need to code!