Important: all software used are FREE to download and use on PC, LINUX and MAC computers (no need to pay, cheers!)In this course you will learn how to use Unity3D to build a professional multiplayer mail inbox.The majority of online multiplayer games use a mail system where players can send and receive emails within the game. The game becomes more engaging as players can trade items and send virtual money to eachother.All the great games out there are using it, look at Star Wars, or World of Warcraft or MineCraft. That’s exactly what you will be making by taking this course.We will start by designing the data layer using MySQL and PHP. The database will be able to store and retrieve a huge amount of in-game mail, which is something that Unity cannot do on its own.Then we will use Unity to design the mailbox user interface to read incoming mail as well as compose and send mail to other players. Finally, we will integrate all of it inside a real working multiplayer game so that we can have live players walk to the mailbox and access the mail messages.***This course provides all the necessary assets for you. The only tool we use in this course is Unity 3D, and it’s completely free to use. No need to spend extra money.This course is easy to follow along since all the steps are shown to you in the video lectures, so you can’t possibly miss a step. Please join the course now. You’ve got nothing to lose because if i don’t deliver, you’ll get a full refund. I’ll see you in the course.