These Are the Most ComprehensiveEasy-To-UnderstandAdult Education Techniques Weve Ever Created(And Now I Want To Show You How To Reach Every LearnerEvery Time)What if you didnt have to pay for Learning?Insteadwhat if Learning paid you?And what if acquiring new learning was as simple as pulling a lever?It sounds outlandish, but thats exactly what Learning Masters (a.k.aAdult Education Specialists)do. And once you have completed this mastery class, you too will know how to leverage adult education techniques such as Learning Styles and Teaching Tools to not only grow your employees learningbut to grow your employees learning at a PROFIT.Did you catch that?Youll no longer have to practice hope-and-pray or wait-and-see learning.Learning will happen, because youll know how to make it happen.But how do you actually do it?How do you take knowledge + understanding and turn it into wisdom and behavior change for your employees without breaking the bank?Thats exactly what youre about to learnFACT: All OrganizationsNeedA Repeatable System For Employee Learning(That Doesnt Break the Bank)Employees are the life-blood of any organization.It sounds clich, but its true.Thats why one size fits all learning strategies just arent enough. Organizations today must have scalable, duplicatable learning strategies that produce real, actionable results from learning if they want consistent growth and retention, and more times than not, these scalable strategies come in the form of adult education.So whether you want to:Hook The LearnerBecome Their FavoriteCreate Your PresenceUnderstand Your LearnersReach Every LearnerCreate Amazing Learning MaterialsHandle Challenging Learnersquality adult education is readily available for learning.You just know how to teach itthe right way.Theres just one problem:Most so-called learning experts and adult educators dont know what theyre doing, and they have the results (or lack of results) to prove it.Thats where you come in.As anAdult Education Specialist, you are uniquely qualified to help organizations and businesses leverage adult education techniques such as Learning Styles and Teaching Tools and other adult ed techniques to grow your employees learning without breaking the bank.More specifically, in this master class, youll learn:The4 learning styles of adults and how you can maximize learningby teaching to all of them SIMULTANEOUSLYThesecret to discovering what trainees REALLY wantto know about your material without them even knowing you did itAn easy5 step approach to building credibilitythat will get even the toughest class to believe in you, listen to you, and trust youA proven method for HOOKING your traineesthat makes them think your class has been tailored to THEIR needsSPECIALIZED strategies for hooking a hostile classthat doesnt want to be thereFool-proof methods to avoid feeling nervous and intimidatedeven when you have to teach a room full of powerful people and their colleaguesHow toidentify the hard to understand conceptsin your curriculum, and be SURE you teach them flawlessly every timeThe secret to GETTING YOUR CLASS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDbefore the end of your first lessonHow tocreate AMAZING training materials for ANY TOPICso your trainees will CRAVE your classThetop 3 forms of communication for a trainer, and how you can harness each one to become more dynamic in the classroomThe4 critical things you must do in the first 15 minutes of classto make it go smoothly the rest of the day12 ways to become their favorite: How to build the kind of rapport that will get your trainees to do anything you ask them toThe top 3 ways to show trainees you understand themand their struggles, and why its so important to do soA simple5-step model that unravels the mystery of how adults learn, and how you can apply this theory to easily reach every learner you work withHow to meet the needs of ALL of your trainees, even though they are completely unique from one trainee to the nextAn easy, effective method for KEEPING trainees engagedand participating in your class at all timesThe REAL keys to successfully break the icein your classroom including the things you must avoid to do it wellHow to sidestep a learning obstacle called Higher Brain Disconnectionand why this will immediately improve understanding and learning in your classThe top4 ways to successfully boost your enthusiasm on stressful daysor for topics you find dry and boringAn easy recipe for identifying what questions your class hasthat wont make them feel foolishThe most important body language interaction techniquesand exactly how to use them to become more captivating and convincingEfficient and productive preparation techniquesso you can spend less time preparing and more time looking good in front of your classWhy its so important for your class to see you demonstrate SINCERE enthusiasm, and techniques you can use to avoid looking fakeThetop 3 ways to effectively tutor to each learning stylethat will make EVERY trainee wonder why you are always able to make it so easy for them to learnA simple method to get EVERYONE in the room following alongsimultaneously without ever getting lostHow to use the Big Picture technique:A simple tool that demonstrates to trainees why current subject matter is so important because of how it fits in with what is to comeThe best way to use a written reviewto improve the recall ability of your traineesWhy students MUST write things down to maximize learning, and an easy technique to make sure ALL of them are doing itHow to be SURE your trainees feel comfortableby addressing the #1 fear of adult learnersA simple strategy to COMPEL your trainees to ask questionseven if they are quiet or reluctant learnersAn indispensable technique called the 7/20 rule, and how it can be used to engage trainees and keep there attention for as long as you likeA foolproof strategy that actually REWARDS fast learnersfor efficiently completing an activity and still allows slow learners to finish and benefit as wellHow to execute aleading question capable of COMPELLING your trainees to answerand interact WITHOUT patronizing themThedifference between talk learners and talk hogs,and an easy 5 step method to quickly manage constant interruptions from the talk hogsAn easy to follow formula for creating a Write-It-Down-Box: One of the most effective tools toensure ALL of your trainees are able to understand and learn in their OWN unique styleThe crucial components of each adult learning style, and why you absolutely MUST know them to successfully reach every learnerHow to ensure your curriculum is IDEAL for ALL of the objectives and learnersyou have in your classroomThedifference between teaching TASKS and OBJECTIVES,and why knowing this is the key to keeping your trainees hooked and learning at the same timeA simple technique to INSTANTLY find out if your trainees understandfundamental concepts BEFORE you move on to the next lessonThe Rule The Room visual aid toolkit, so you can maximize the benefit of EVERY visual aid in your classroom including the board, your PowerPoint show, sticky notes, and handoutsAn easy technique to shut-down hecklers:Those irritating trainees that sit in the back of the room maliciously badgering you with vocal interruptionsA critical tool you MUST use to ensure understanding andmaximize performance in 25% of your learners called the Step learnersThe difference between CONCEPTS, CONVENTIONS, and ALGORITHMSand why teaching them accordingly will improve your trainees test scoresWhy most trainers are only able to teach others using their own learning style,and how to be sure you arent missing the other 75% of learners in your classroomClever tricks to buy yourself some timewhen you need an opportunity to think about how to answer a question11 ways to make your lectures CAPTIVATINGso they cant wait to hear what you have to say nextHow to takeadvantage of working the sweet spot that place in the room that makes you look confident and engaging every timeWhy some trainees NEED to discover the concepts themselvesand how you can make that happen for even the most challenging topicsThe #1 reason trainees dread group work,and an EASY method to turn the table and get them to enjoy itA revolutionary teaching strategy called Structured Synthesisthat walks trainees through new functionality and concepts in a way that quickly enables them to perform any task on their ownThree surprising reasonswhy some trainees try to make your life miserableby PURPOSELY causing disruptions, and how to uncover their motivation so you can regain controlHow totake advantage of involving the expertsin your class and why doing so is such a powerful toolAn easy method toavoid hearing constant nonsense from the know-it-allsin your class and how these people are different from the expertsFour strategies to get the quiet types involvedthat will stop their unresponsiveness, and help you better assess how they (and you) are doingHow adults learn differently than childrenand the reason why that difference will change your entire approach to teaching and trainingIn short, Adult Education Specialistsare able to not only flip the switch to the kind of learning environment that grows and retains employees they are also able to track, measure and monetize your adult education efforts.If youre interested in becoming an Adult Education Specialist, then I have one question for youAre You A Doeror Just a Talker(orwhy You Might Want To Take this Class)Lets face it: Adult Education experts are a dime a dozen.So how do you separate those who walk the talk from the ones who merelytalk?Thats the problem!And at Rule the Room, it was our problem, too.When I was a kid, my dad was a teacher and a principal. I watched the kind of impact he had in the classroom, and with his teachers that changed livesforever.When I grow up, I want to have that kind of impact. I told myselfTwenty years ago, I set out to make that dream a reality. I went to school to learn how to be a teacher, and I diligently studied every book they taught in both undergraduate and graduate school to make it happen.As I learned all this theory in school, I thought I was being let in on all the secrets my Dad knewthings the best teachers I ever had knewBOY, WAS I WRONG!I quickly discovered that the things I learned in school were great on paper, but often couldnt be applied in a real classroomI learned very little (if anything) practical, and I needed things I could use RIGHT AWAY with ANY classroomIn the very first class I taught, (within the first 5 minutes) I watched a desk fly across the room. After the first week of class, 50% of my students failed the test, and even more had no recall when I reviewed what I taughtWhat Was I Doing Wrong?Why had my 6 years of college training left me SO poorly equipped to handle a real-life classroom?I needed skills I hadnt been taught in college, so I decided to go back to all of the best instructors I ever had and ask them how they learned all the amazing techniques they used on me.You know what they told me?Experiencesome things you just have to experience and learn for yourself.I couldnt accept that.Why wasnt there a better way to develop my skills and techniques without having to devote decades of my life to trial and error in a classroom?I decided to make it my mission to create a program that could provide a better way, a comprehensive program incorporating the most effective teaching and training techniques weve ever put together so that others wouldnt have to go through what I did.You see, we dont just teach adult education best practices, we actually MODEL everything we teachIn other words:WE ACTUALLY DO THIS STUFFso we know how hard it is to find truly skilled people who know what theyre talking about.And thats why we created the Adult Education Mastery course.We built this certification to train our own team members, but in the spirit of open sourcing our business (which is what Rule the Room is all about) were now making this training available to the world.In short, were making it available to YOUAdult Education Mastery Course DetailsIn this 8-hour course youll learn everything you need to know about how to motivate adult learners, keep them interested, deal with challenging or disgruntled participants, and maximize learning. Module 1: Hook Your ClassModule 2: Become Their FavoriteModule 3: Engage And Teach All LearnersModule 4: Create Amazing Training MaterialsModule 5: Handle Challenging Trainees (Resenters, Talk-Hogs, Hecklers, Gripers, Experts, Know-it-Alls, Quite Types)Bonus Materials: 169 Page Learner Guide, Training Checklists, Oral & Written Reviews, Learning Style Assessment, and 5 quizzesPLUS5 quizzes, 1 for each lesson, to make sure you are understanding all of the materialAdult Education Mastery Course Reviews: I took this course from Jason on adult education, and it was a phenomenally useful experience. Jason gave me a strong theoretical background for teaching adults, and also a huge arsenal of tools and strategies for engaging adults in the classroom. I’d recommend this course to anyone who needs to teach adults.” – Simon Tanzman- Corporate Trainer Just wanted to thank you for the very helpful and informative Video Training these past two days. Although I have taught adult users for > 13 years at Midlands Tech. and have many student ‘peace and war stories’ of my own, I feel like I learned many helpful tidbits of information that will be so very useful as I train the LMC staff in the future. Thanks again.” – Stephanie DiMaggio- Credentialed Trainer It helped me understand effective communication techniques as well as group dynamics. These have set me up for success not only in direct teaching situations, but also in settings from small informal meetings all the way up to meetings with executives.” – Aaron Rutkowski- Project Manager About Your InstructorJason Teteak is the Founder and CEO of Rule the Room Train the Trainer.Jason first made a reputation in the medical training industry, where he was known as the Epic trainer of trainers. In response to many requests, he began to offer personalized services and quickly developed a following as a private training coach and training consultant whose clientele includes elite institutions, universities, and top corporations.In 20 years of working as a trainer and a trainer coach, he has helped more than 15,000 training professionals to Rule the Room and has appeared before more than 200,000 people. Hes won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring training skills via practical, simple, universal and immediately actionable techniques. Or as he puts it No theoretical fluff.He founded Rule the Room Train the Trainer with a mission to DOUBLE the impact of 10,000 training professionals in the next 5 years. The Rule the Room Train the Trainer team, under Jasons management, has flipped the model and changed the approach to great training and instruction for even the most seasoned veterans.Rule The Room Train The Trainer Foundation Is DifferentSure, you can probably find other train-the-trainer trainings and certifications that cover similar topics, but a Rule the Room Foundation is unique because its built and taught by real trainers who actually write and train their own classes and observe, coach and train thousands of trainers to mastery.In other words, we arent researchers sharing theoretical fluff. Were in-the-trenches trainers who despise untested theory and believe that the best way to learn training techniques is to actually get up and teach in front of a real classroom. If that sounds like something that fits you, then welcome! Youre in the right place.Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: How will this Adult Education Mastery Class help me?A: It depends on who you are..If youre abusiness owner, this course is a great way to learn adult education yourself. Its also a great way to train members of your own team and get them up to speed in half the time on the latest adult education trends and best practices.If youre aconsultant, this course is a practical way to show that you are an Adult Education Specialist, which could help you attract better, higher-paying clients, boost their ROI and efficiency, and lower turnover, safety and security concerns.If youre astudent, this course can set you apart from other graduates who may have a business or education degree, but dont have the specialized skills that employers today are looking for.If youre anemployee or training professional, this course can make you more valuable to your company, which can get you that raise or promotion you may deserve (but dont have a reason to request).Q: How valuable is this Rule the Room Adult Education Mastery Course?A:The course itself is highly valuable if your goal is to set yourself apart from the competition. Whats even MORE valuable than any course is the knowledge and understanding youre going to gain when you take this class and pass all the tests. You will know adult education. Ill say that again: YOU WILL KNOW ADULT EDUCATION.Q: When do I have to finish the class?A: You can go at whatever pace suits you best! Youve got a lot of other things going on in your life, so just because you enroll in the workshop doesnt mean you need to complete it right away. In fact, you can start and finish the workshop whenever you want. Either way, were going to be there with you every step of the way to ensure youre successful and can get certified.Q: How soon can I finish the class?A: The Adult Education Mastery class is 8 hours of video training, so if you are dedicating yourself full time to it, you could probably finish in one day, but we dont recommend that. Instead, we recommend you take 3 7 days (if you can give your full attention to the material. If you only have a little bit of time each day, then you should dedicated 14 21 days to finish it up and take the test.Q: How certain can I be that I will finish?A: Its never a guarantee. If it was, then our course wouldnt mean anything. Instead, it does mean something, and because of that, youre going to have to work at this thing to get finished. When you do finish, you can be certain that it will actually mean something. The class and the activities are both going to challenge you, but rest assured we make everything simple, easy to understand, and quick to learn. With that said, you will have to earn your completion.Q: How hard is the course?A: You can liken our course to the story of goldilocks and the three bears not too hot and not too cold. In other words, theyre hard enough that you need to study and know your stuff, but we dont make them intentionally hard just to be difficult. We make them as hard as they need to be to make sure you know how to Rule the Room. We believe learning doesnt happen until a behavior change occurs, so to preserve the integrity of this course, we have made the class challenging and the questions specific to our proprietary Rule the Room Train the Trainer techniques, methodologies and recipes. Dont expect to pass the test course because you have taken other trainings or certification courses in the past. This training is different, and the activites will reflect those differences.Q: Why are Adult Education experts priceless?A: A master at teaching adults so they can apply what they learn and grow in their skills is one of the learning teams most valuable assets. A successfully scaled adult education curriculum at scale can pay for itself immediately with employee growth and retention and these skills can make you truly irreplaceable.