Master Microsoft Office 2010 with this training bundle consisting of 7 courses, 48 hours, and over 280 videos. Microsoft Office 2010 is a widespread edition of the famous workplace software, but its also one of the more difficult versions for some users to get to grips with, featuring the introduction of Microsofts now ubiquitous Ribbon interface. During this 48-hour course, with over 260 videos, youll start from the basics, covering everything that you need to use Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access 2010, including advanced courses for Excel & Access that will help you achieve real mastery. So go ahead and impress your colleagues and wow your boss by taking your Office skills to the next level, making yourself capable of tackling almost any task with ease. This bundle includes: 48 hours of video tutorials Over 260 individual video lectures 7 quizzes with over 200 test questions Certificate of completion Courses included with this bundle: Learn Excel 2010 In this 7-hour Microsoft Excel 2010 Beginners course, youll go from shunning sums to cheerily calculating, and by the end of the course youll be comfortable with creating and editing spreadsheets, formatting your data, working with formulas, and more. Learn Excel 2010 Advanced Ideal for those seeking to enhance their Excel 2010 knowledge, the Learn Excel 2010 Advanced course is a 7-hour training course that covers charts and graphs, data manipulation and analysis tools, pivot tables, and all the complex tools that Excel 2010 puts at your disposal. Learn Word 2010 Learn Word 2010 is a 6.75-hour course ideal for those new to Microsoft Word or anyone looking to enhance their Word 2010 skills. Starting with document creation, youll cover the Ribbon, formatting, templates, and including charts and pictures, along with much more. Learn Outlook 2010 Learn Outlook 2010 is a 5-hour course that starts with Outlook basics such as contacts, tasks, and appointments, before covering advanced options such as email formatting, inbox management, security, delegating tasks, and everything else you need to master Outlook 2010. Learn PowerPoint 2010 Learn PowerPoint 2010 covers everything that you need to know to get to grips with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, leaving you capable of making and editing slick, impressive presentations that will be sure to wow your colleagues. Get started with opening and editing existing PowerPoint files, configuring visuals and animations, including additional images, and even sound effects. Learn Access 2010 Learn Microsoft Access 2010 is a 7-hour course filled with all the information you need to create, design, and customize high-performing databases. Covering tables, forms, data analysis, and practical design and organization tips, the course will help you make powerful and reliable databases with ease. Learn Access 2010 – Advanced Learn Microsoft Access 2010 – Advanced builds on your existing Access skills, teaching you best practice tips to avoid potential pitfalls and headaches, along with the skills you need to create switchboards, autoexec functions, macros, creative reports, custom buttons, and deep custom queries for detailed data analysis. What people are saying: “Simon Sez IT is one of the best resources if you are looking for Microsoft Office tutorials.” – “Thank you very much for an extraordinaire online tutorial of Access, it has helped me a lot and even enabled me to get a job. Now I work for an asset management bureau in Paris programming and updating databases from Bloomberg on a daily basis!” – Lisa R., France. Note: All videos are high-definition and are therefore best viewed enlarged and with the HD setting on.