This course is aimed at Ableton Live users who have the basic understanding of how the software works. If you are a complete beginner then maybe spend some time learning how to operate the program before embarking upon this course.In this course you will learn how to create five of Disco musics sub genres.The five genres areDisco HouseFrench Filtered Disco HouseHi NRG Euro DiscoSlow Disco Soul re-editsUpbeat Disco re-editsThe materials used in this are mainly Disco samples and drum hits and other loops that are required for this type of music, all of which are in the resource folders within each tutorial.Some vst synths are required to be downloaded which are at no extra cost to you as they are free.The course runs for around two and half hours but each sub genre is around 30 minutes and you can take as long as you need to complete them.The course is structured in simple steps which generally begin by timing and warping the samples and then layering the loops with programming in beats.You should take this course if you are interested in this kind of Dance music but are not quite sure which sub genre you feel is best for you. So it may be that you are interested in learning about re-edits but then may find that you are much more into the French Filtered genre. So its designed as a sort of crash course featuring a little bit of everything so it gives you a taste of it all.