Learn to Write Simple Queries to Get the Information You Need to Do Your JobDo you often have to ask others to write SQL queries for you at work? Are you intimidated by the idea of writing your own SQL query? Its time to take matters into your own hands.In this course, youll learn how to write a basic SQL query from start to finish. Weve designed the lessons specifically for those with little to no experience with writing queries, to teach you only what you need to know to get started writing queries today. By the end of the course, youll be able to retrieve data from multiple tables, sort and filter your query results, and use simple calculations. Well cover some commonly used functions so you can format dates and text as well as calculate sums and averages.If youre ready to stop waiting on someone else to pull data for you, this course is for you.Note: This courses uses SQL Server Management Studio, but the language of an SQL query is not specific to any one tool.