Learn to Scuba Dive like an Explorer Today !Scuba Diving is an exciting and adventurous activity, that allows us to explore the magic underwater environment. Efficient and capable divers can minimize the risk through proper and innovative dive exploration procedures. Dive Explorer Foundation (DEF), an IDREO affiliate, has create a single and unique Scuba Explorer Course using the latest scuba diving techniques and technology available today, based on decades of worldwide dive training & Exploration.Of the main objectives during the DEF Scuba Explorer course is for non-divers to become truly independent and knowledgeable divers, respecting the environment and with safety as the most important goal.DEF Scuba Explorers don’t touch the reef or sand, we never kneel down on the bottom of the dive site to learn/teach dive skills, advanced training techniques and superior dive equipment design allow our divers to enjoy the underwater environment with minimal impact and perfect buoyancy. A key feature in DEF scuba diving standards is the “Out of Gas” procedure, as we donate regulator from the mouth and switch to backup regulator in a necklace, just as explorers do..Find out what it takes, get your Academic portion done and the join the in-water portion with one of our worldwide recognized Instructors in Asia, Europe or America.