The business world and the IT world are both faced with changes on a large scale. Companies try to respond by cutting costs and hunkering down, but that just risks letting the world pass them by. At the same time, the IT world is trying to figure out how to cope with a torrent of change caused by cloud computing, SaaS, social media and consumer IT devices like iPhone, Android, IPad Looks like its time to get agile and reinvent ourselves! Scrum, the most popular of the Agile methods, is a management framework within which complex products can be developed. Scrum is derived from work in knowledge management, complex adaptive systems and empirical process control theory. It contains influences from observed software development patterns and the Theory of Constraints. Scrum provides a platform for people to work together effectively and to make visible every problem that gets in their way. Many people say that they find it hard to know how to get started with Scrum. Others have teams that are following some Agile practices, yet are far from becoming hyper-productive. This course intend to reveal, beside basic methodology foundations and principles, a way to do better Scrum.</p>