Smart keywords help readers find your book faster. Amazon is a search engine. Readers find books by typing terms into the search bar. These terms are keywords, which are not used well by many authors.  Save weeks to months as your book rises higher in search results using these tips.                                                             The course is designed for writers about to publish and for authors already selling books on Amazon. You can change your existing keywords anytime.                                                             Taught by Jason Matthews, a bestselling author and self-publishing expert. Each video shows real-time examples at the sites you’ll be using. All of the videos are between 2 to 6 minutes, making them simple to follow.                                                       Better keywords at Amazon lead to good things.                                                  Get started today so you can sell more books soon.(If any students want one on one consultation with me, I can be reached through Superpeer with user name /JasonMatthews)