Update: Source code updated and tested on iOS 10+.Have you ever wanted to own a virtual Casino city full of casino games and machines?Now you can!This course comes with the source code of a Mega Casino iOS game. It’s a fully fledge Casino City with dozens of buildings that all have their own game rooms where the iPhone/iPad user will play BlackJack, Slot Machines, Spin the Wheel, and many more games!That’s right, you can imagine that such a source code cost thousands of dollars to produce, and it does… It’s you lucky day (777 !) because I made a special deal with the TapDice company so that you get the source code with this course.In this course, I will assume you don’t know how to program, neither know how to draw, and without writing any code at all, you will publish your very own Casino game to the iTunes app store. Sounds to good to be true? Just follow the lectures, as I’m showing you EVERYTHING. No steps are hidden from you, it’s all done LIVE, in front of your eyes.Oh and by the way, you can turn this into a business because the game comes with advertising networks and in-app purchases to drive passive income coming it.This course is fun, and it pays off. Join the active community of students now.If you don’t like it (no way!) you get your money back guaranteed!