This Ableton Live course focuses on the genre of the mid 1980’s which was a combination of Electronic Soul and Funk, with a Dance feel to it.Here you will learn the concepts of this genre by installing the correct VST synths at no extra cost, and learn how to select the right combination of sounds and effects in order to produce a 1980’s Electronic Funk record.Using the Drum machine sounds you will program in beat patterns and also learn and perform certain chord progressions and lead lines and melodies to get the actual feel for this track that sounds like it could have been recorded in 1985.From the very start you will take advantage of the techniques I have applied in quick and easy to follow tutorials. You will also learn a wide variety of skills from using effects and automating these to further your production skills.You will gain experience in arrangement and in equalising and mixing your song for a polished version that will be ready for mastering. The whole idea is to give you the skills and the techniques to then go ahead and produce your own track in this style by using these plug ins and drum machine sounds.Lessons are broken down into short tutorials and will focus on the following.1. installing VST Synths and selecting the correct sounds.2. programming Drum beats.3. Creating an intro.4. Arrangement skills.5. Learn how to play chords and melodies6. Program additional drum patterns for a solo.7. Use automation and effect plug ins to create authenticity.8. Mixing and equalising your track.