Postnatal Yoga classes will help you recover from birth more harmoniously, release the pains you might be experiencing, and get back in touch with your vital energy, your core strength and inner balance. In these postnatal yoga classes, I will guide you through exercises to gently work on the perineum and strengthen your deep abdominal muscles. We will also work though some postnatal yoga with baby that are fun and good for you! For example, gentle massages with your baby and some exercises you can do while breastfeeding. This class emphasizes the basic principles of Postnatal Yoga. Even if you have never done yoga before, if you are 6 weeks after birth, this course is for you! I provide step-by-step guidance to help you understand the fundamentals of using postnatal yoga with baby to connect with yourself and your baby and to achieve the following:Gently get back in touch with the perineumStrengthen your deep abdominal musclesPull your organs back togetherLoosen the back painsStrengthen the lower back musclesTighten your hips back togetherRelax the nervous systemStrengthen the immune systemBond with baby  and have fun while doing yoga poses and soft massage togetherExercises while you are breastfeedingRelax deeplyAnd overall, give you strength, help you relax through this new period of your life, and guide you in your ability to be at ease and remind you to breath deeply. Thank you for your interest and I hope this postnatal yoga course will benefit you and your baby greatly. Disclaimer:  If youve had a cesarean, stitches or complication at birth, please check with your physician before taking this class. If you have any pain or medical conditions such as vaginal bleeding, high blood pressure, increased shortness of breath, dizziness or feeling faint, uterine contractions, chest pain, fluid leaking from your vagina, rapid heartbeat or difficulty walking, please consult your doctor before taking postnatal yoga classes..