Hands on, step by step full video lectures on how to add or upgrade major Ad networks:Chartboost, Revmob, Admob & more Making mobile application is great, but its even better if you can make money out of it so that you can keep doing what you love. Thats why adding advertisement within your app will bring you passive income. Whether you want to monetize your existing mobile app or if you want to upgrade your advertising networks to the latest ones, this course is for you. My name is Yohann, Im a seasoned Programming College Instructor and I will guide you step by step and make sure you succeed in monetizing your app. We will go through adding and also upgrading the Advertising networks from Google Admob, Revmob, Chartboost and much more. Take this opportunity, Ill see you in the lectures. Monetize your App with Major Advertising Networks Course Goal and Objectives: Add Admob to iOS app Add Revmob SDK to iOS app Add Chartboost to iOS app Upgrade to the latest Admob SDK Upgrade to the latest Revmob SDK Monetize your app course intended audience: Anyone that owns an iOS source code and would like to monetize it with advertising Anyone that needs to upgrade their ad networks to the latest SDKs Monetize your app course requirements: a MAC OS or Macincloud online Monetize your App – Hands on Major Advertising Networks course content: Section 1: Adding Chartboost Advertisement from scratch Lecture 1: Open XCode project and build Lecture 2: Download Latest SDK Lecture 3: Add Framework Files Lecture 4: Add other framework dependencies Lecture 5: Add Search Paths Settings Lecture 6: Initialize Chartboost in XCode with code Lecture 7: Display the Full Screen Ad in Simulator Section 2: Chartboost Upgrade to Latest Version Lecture 8: Download latest SDK Lecture 9: Add Framework file and dependencies Lecture 10: Add include headers references Lecture 11: Code Initial Setup Methods Lecture 12: Call the Show Ad action Lecture 13: Upgrade Troubleshoot common errors Lecture 14: Verify Advertising shows in Simulator Section 3: Add Revmob Advertising Network from scratch Lecture 15: Download SDK and add to XCode Lecture 16: Add Framework dependencies and Search paths Lecture 17: Coding Show Full Screen Ad Section 4: Revmob Upgrade to Latest SDK Lecture 18: Download the latest SDK Lecture 19: Add Framework Files to XCode project Lecture 20: Add Framework dependencies Lecture 21: Add Search Paths Settings Lecture 22: Display the Full Screen Ad in Simulator Section 5: Admob Banner – Add to Project Lecture 23: Download latest SDK and install within XCode project Lecture 24: Add Framework Dependencies Lecture 25: Add Search Paths Settings Lecture 26: Add Code to create and display the banner Lecture 27: Verify the Admob banner shows in Simulator Section 6: Admob Banner Upgrade to Latest Lecture 28: Get the Latest SDK Lecture 29: Add SDK into XCode project Lecture 30: Add Dependency iOS libraries Lecture 31: Verify Admob banner shows in Simulator Section 7: Expand your business Lecture 32: How to set up in-app purchases properly Lecture 33: Apple Registration Process Lecture 34: Get Xcode and open it Lecture 35: Create Apple certificates Lecture 36: Professional Icon Templates for iPhone Apps and Games Lecture 37: App Trailer Kit Video Template – Part 1 Lecture 38: App Trailer Kit Video Template – Part 2