Marcus Aurelius was Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD.He faced attacks on the Empire from Germans in the North, Egypt in the south and on his Eastern flanks.These conflicts exposed Rome’s armies to plague, massacre and relentless guerrilla warfare.Although not trained as a General, Aurelius campaigned on the battlefields with his men.He kept journals whilst fighting wars (12 books in all) to collect his thoughts on his Fate and the vicissitudes of Life.His “meditations” are a formula for remaining steadfast in the face of appalling circumstances.Copies of his notes survived and one is kept in the Vatican library – great leaders have studied them for inspiration.He argues that any conditions can be made tolerant through:     1. Sound ongoing education and free thinking.     2. Personal conclusions which one must draw about the way the Universe works to find meaning and purpose.     3. Work from these first principles to determine the character traits needed to sustain a harmonious existence.This system underpins the training of future leaders in English public schools and has found its way into Leadership Coaching and Personal Development training.This course will give some context to Meditations. We link the core principles to the way you can Live and Lead today.