This Physical Metallurgy I: Learn Physical Metallurgy Principles course introduces you to basic chemistry and metallurgy. This is the basis for further studies in chemical and metallurgical engineering, physical metallurgy and heat treatment. Iron and steel-making, foundry technology, refractories.The basics of the atom, elements and the periodic table, chemical reactions are explored. This leads them to crystal structures and phase transformations. Alloying. Solid solutions. Full solubility, and limited solubility. Intermediate compounds. Introduction to phase diagrams.You should take about 2 to 3 hours to complete the course online, and it is recommended that you do some self-study for another 10 hours.The Physical Metallurgy course leads you by video and slide combination from the basics of the atom through a logical sequence to metallic alloying. This course has been developed by us over a number of years offering it to industry in South Africa.This Physical Metallurgy: Physical Metallurgy Principles course is very interesting by exploring the secrets of atoms to solutions and reactions, phase transformations and metallic compounds. You will find this satisfying from the perspective of knowledge you gain. It can also lead to exploring this field as to decide if you want to make chemistry or metallurgy a career.Further courses follow this one to help you in your work environment to understand the processes you work with.Take this Physical Metallurgy I course now and learn physical metallurgy principles.I wish you a satisfying period of exploration and study.</p>