Everything you need to turn ordinary photos into impressive masterpieces Whopping 15 Hours of Expert InstructionMore than 120 Individual Video TutorialsCourse starts right at the very beginningEverything is explained in clear detailFull coverage of basic functions in Photoshop Elements 14How to use Photoshop Organizer efficientlyWhere to get great contentPrinting your photos so they look professionalWorking miracles with the EditorSpeeding your projects with Quick ModePractical retouching and enhancing techniquesIncludes exercise files to practice what youve learnedAdobe Photoshop Elements 14 For Beginners We’ve all seen amazing photos of models, natural scenes, and events that look absolutely perfect. Somebody will say “It’s been Photoshopped!” Now you can have the advanced skills required to use Photoshop Elements 14 like a pro. This big 15 hour course starts right at the very beginning showing you how to download the software and get it going. Then we carefully walk you through each and every step toward becoming a true Photoshop power user. Use these skills for your job, your hobby, or even start a new business. Many Photoshop courses are designed for people who have some experience using the application. While this course will be very useful to students with experience, it was designed for the person who has never worked with Photoshop before and knows nothing about it. Contents and Overview This course starts right at the very beginning with how to get PSE14 and install it. We review what is different in Elements 14 so those who have worked with the previous version can fast forward to the new functions they need to understand. In Chapter 2 you learn start up, the all important keyboard shortcuts that will greatly speed your work, and how to get answers using Help. We also set up your preferences so you can customize PSE 14 for your use. Next you learn how to use Quick Start. That is the perfect way for the beginner to see impressive results. This includes an exercise where you create a slide show worthy of a professional presentation. Next we learn the many functions of The Organizer including catalogs, media browser, timelines, instant fix, image properties and much more. We cover Acquiring Content and Printing before getting to the heart of PSE 14: The Editor. This is where you learn how to create a workspace and manipulate your content for desired results. Later we look at editing in Expert Mode. Along the way we study the often used Quick Mode where you can instantly remove red eyes, add effects, textures, frames, and auto smart tone. As you progress we study Guided Editing where you resize photos and perform guided edits on image properties. Later we work on filters, lighting, adding text, text effects, color effects and much more as we advance through the massive 15 hours of instruction that take you through every detail of Photoshop Elements 14. What people are saying: Excellent course. Well worth the money. The only complaint is that the sound seemed to get very soft sometime. Had to adjust the volume. I would still recommend this course. -Nancy Hinzmann I am familiar with PSE back to version 6, skipping versions, but usually used 8 or 10. So, I thought I’d skip ‘basics’ and jump along to the editing. Sure glad I didn’t do that because I’ve learned so much more than I ‘thought’ I already knew – not true, I learned many things I didn’t know or wasn’t aware of. Only the memory doesn’t work so well these senior days, so I’m going back for reviews as needed. Onward! Trish Satkofsky This course is specific on how to correct issues plus it is easier to understand rather than some of the instruction books that seem to talk above my head. -Susan Kross