CreateSpace is Amazon’s print on demand company, the best place in the world to self-publish paperback books. Microsoft Word documents (.doc and .docx) can easily be formatted for CreateSpace because it’s the world’s most popular writing program.                      Most authors pay for this, but it’s wise to do it yourself. When you format your own documents:  you save time & moneyyou can make changes whenever you wantyou make the reader’s experience better                      The course walks you through it from first page to last. Install great fonts, handle front matter, use section breaks, insert page numbers, images, everything a reader expects. Get detailed instruction with an actual MS Word document and upload it to the online previewer at CreateSpace.            Also get 2 FREE TEMPLATES that come with the course as examples, templates you can use for your books.                      The course is taught by Jason Matthews, bestselling author and self-publishing expert.                      In less than two hours, you’ll be able to professionally format your paperbacks and give readers something they truly enjoy.                        Get started today so your paperbacks can be for sale on Amazon soon.(If any students want one on one consultation with me, I can be reached through Superpeer with user name /JasonMatthews)