Learning the freestyle & backstroke turn and protecting lower back.The WEST way to swim will teach you how to gain more air, how to use the water in order to perform the freestyle turn andto protect your lower back & neck and eventually to swim much faster.In this course you will get 4 different workout which you are going to repeat exactly3 times ( in different days).It is recommended to do the workout before your usual swimming workout or afterwords.The swim WEST freestyle turn course will teach you:1. How to protect your lower back & neck while doing the freestyleturn2. You will learn to use the water & glide to make an easily flip.3. You will improve your lung capacity.4. You will learn to flip from backstroke to freestyle and tothe opposite direction5.You will swim faster in long distance and you will have more air.Many swimmers, older than 18 years old, get dizzy or out of breath when attempting to perform a flip turn or feel like it is done too slowly.According to WEST swimmingtechnique, we turn on the walls while protecting our lower back and neck, and using the water resistance for our own good. It enables us to perform a proper turn, and understand our physical abilities. The turn has some key points- dropping our feet, gliding to the wall, rolling in our head and expiring air out through our nose (so we dont get water in our nose, which is a very annoying burning sensation by itself).The reason you get 4 workouts ( 12 workouts after repeating each workout 3 times) is that it takes 1.5 months to get used to swimming with less air.Ori Sela is the founder of one of the biggest and most professionalhydrotherapycentersin the worldI dedicate my life to treat people and live a better life.