FACT: The video game industry is worth 74 billion dollars. http://tinyurl.com/3vz5np8FACT: The average programmer makes 92k a year in the video game industry. http://tinyurl.com/7rtp7duFACT: This course is the easiest way to start your journey into game development.Traditionally game development is viewed as extremely difficult and hard to master. You imagine thousands of lines of code and spending hours infront of a computer screen. Luckily in the past few years technology has made it easier to learn and produce games.In this course you will learn the basics of game programming through a fantastic visual programming language. This way you will learn how to program without the hassle of writing code. In this course you will learn how to start making simple games and I will show you how to make a profit from your games. You can add your game to your resume. Course image by http://ddigitsweb.blogspot.com/