During this 6 hour advanced PHP course, discover the power of PHP as you take your website development skills to the next level. Your professional instructor combines practical lectures that ensure you have a solid grasp of the concepts with coding examples that include exercise files so you get real hands-on practice. Follow along as you learn functions, date and time manipulation, debugging and application logging. Discover the use of strings, REGEX, runtime error handling, the use of file resources, manipulating file date including reading and parsing data in a CSV file format. Learn methods for database access, design patterns, using the mail function, PEAR, the PHP Extension and Application Repository, and cURL, a library that lets you make HTTP requests. The advanced PHP training continues with topics on web services, introspection and reflection, Smarty Templates, sessions, different PHP frameworks, and some PHP best practices. Are you ready to launch your PHP skills the next level? This course is a continuation of the PHP for Beginners course taught at Udemy. The course includes exercise example files, quiz and certificate of completion.What People Are Saying: The instructor is clear and articulate, easy to understand. Does not have any strong accent barriers and was concise with no wasted time but made the material easy to absorb and complete for the overall understanding. I was impressed.Tina OConnell The advanced concepts are very well presented and very good explained. Both audio and video quality are very well. The downloadable source code is well formatted and clearly structured. I love your call to actively join the Php-community. Thanks a lot for this sweet course.-Thomas Lonneman