If you havesome IT skills then you should consider freelancing. It is referred tocontracting in the UK.Freelancinggives you the flexibility to work for clients YOU choose. You can do short tomedium term work for them while enjoying two or three times what full timeemployees are paid. Add to that the tax benefits, choosing when you take avacation and being your own boss and you can see why it is such an attractiveprospect.Freelancingis easier than you think. If you know what you are doing you can actually do itin your spare time while holding down your full time job. So many companiesneed to stop gap assistance to help with special contracts or to coverunexpected illnesses or resignations.This Find Freelance IT Work course will helpyou to plan and prepare to become a freelance IT consultant. Written by a former police officerwho started out on a helpdesk and then moved into freelance IT work you willlearn how to avoid all the common pitfalls and how to create a strategy whichgives you the lifestyle you want.Take this Find Freelance IT Work course andlearn how to win at IT freelancing.</p>