Here's what you'll learn in this video series Learn how you can save money and take amazing photos with off-camera flash—the new, easy, inexpensive, portable way to take professional photos without expensive studio gear! Discover the four crucial, inexpensive pieces of equipment you need to get the flash off your camera (and don't worry, if you don't have a flash yet, I'll tell you which kind to buy to avoid over-spending) Watch me go through 4 photo shoots with live models, revealing all my off-camera flash secrets. Learn advanced techniques using multiple flashes, colored filters, reflectors, and other optional equipment, for creating photos that make viewers say "Wow!" Watch over my shoulder as I edit the photos in post-production, adjusting them to look their best. Learn from my mistakes! I show you the reality of each shoot, including what goes right and what goes wrong and how to fix it. Discover the foolproof 4-Step-Formula for choosing the perfect ISO, Shutter, and Aperture for your flash photos. Never wonder what to do in "M" mode again! Plus you get two additional bonus videos if you sign up right now Outdoor Portriaits Using a Reflector The Glam-Blur Technique for Portrait Retouching These bonuses are offered for a limited time and can't be guaranteed if you wait until later to register. RECENT CUSTOMER COMMENTS "Your videos are fantastic—the perfect balance between technical detail and simple explanation. I especially appreciate your shopping tips and reviews of the various products that are available, as that can be pretty overwhelming. Thanks so much!" — Beth M., Olympia Washington "I've been a pro landscape photographer for around 5 years now and am moving into the portrait and wedding market. I soon realized that my knowledge of flash and how to best utilise it was pretty none existant. Until i came accross your videos! I've learned more in 4 or 5 videos than all the photography books i've read. Thanks, Phil, for advancing my photography in a matter of minutes which would normally have taken weeks!" —Martin Sanderson, Carlisle, England "I just finished watching your speedlight class and I had to tell you how much I enjoyed it! As an instructor, I see a lot of this sort of material, and so much of it misses the mark. But yours offers useful, real-world information without the useful fluff. It's great to see such a clear and concise discussion. Home run, Phil! — Michael Corsentino—Award Winning Photographer and Author of the Canon Speedlite Digital Field Guide