This course teaches you seven great strategies to: reduce the NUMBER of wasteful meetings make every meeting you DO hold give great returns run meetings that ENGAGE and energise people figure out what your meetings COST YOU right now. a chance to stand out as a manager who can run HIGH PAYBACK meetings There dont seem to be managers that can run good meetings let alone great ones. Pointless Meetings is the joint number one time-waster for business people, according to the Microsoft Office Productivity global survey. As for interest and engagement – nearly three quarters of us try doing our own personal work during meetings. The true cost of meetings is often hidden. But not anymore. As well as showing you how to facilitate meetings, it gives great protocols for the whole team and for all types of meetings. The principles have been tried and tested in classroom training courses in UK, Scandinavia, Iceland and North Africa, in a mix of global businesses. The short summaries give you the basics, literally, in minutes. The 12 videos and accompanying book are structured in short, 5 minute sections – and you can keep improving from the greater detail whenever you want. If youre a first time manager, team leader, or business operator and youre fed up with the time and cost wasted in meetings click on the link and make meetings work FOR you.