Combining years of experience in Google HR and professional job coaching, Ghan Patel presents the insights and proven methods of landing a great job faster and with less stress. Getting hired in the digital age requires a new understanding of the way companies and recruiters use the Internet and technology to power their recruitment process. Ghan Patel reveals how companies are doing this and how you can use technology to your advantage. Fusing 21st century insights and timeless best practices, this course transforms job-hunting from a waiting game to an organized and action driven process that makes you stand out to companies and recruiters as the best possible candidate. From Course Instructor Ghan Patel: Working at Google for over 5 years in the Human Resources department during their high growth period taught me a tremendous amount about what tactics worked regarding people's resumes and Interviewing skills. Also during this time, many friends and family members asked for help in their own job searches and I began to see many recurring mistakes that were making this much harder for them. I decided to leave Google to start my own Job search education company because I wanted to be on the other side– that is, I wanted to help people get hired for great jobs, not only selecting the few that already had good resumes, connections, and interviewing skills. I developed a system that focuses attention in three areas: Job Search, Resume, Interview. After the Job Search section, youll have concrete tools that will focus your time on the behaviors that will get you to a job the fastest. With the Resume section, well use insider expertise to create compelling application materials that will stand out from the crowd. (This includes best use practices of LinkedIn) After the Interview section, youll know what to expect and be prepared to parry the most difficult questions and circumstances. I hope you find this tremendously valuable and you land your dream job very soon.