Its a common situation: youre working in an organization or department, and you need to share a calendar with your team. Whether its staffing schedules or company holidays, this course will demonstrate ten different ways you can share a calendar among your coworkers, including both physical (printed) and online calendars.Many people make do with makeshift calendars taped on a wall or emailed around the group, where updates require handwritten adjustments or another email out to the group. There is a better way in fact in this course well take a look at ten different ways you can professionally share your calendar among a group or team. Topics covered include: Using calendat templates with Microsoft Word Printing calendars via an outside service Creating and editing a calendar with a free Google account Sharing a Google calendar with others Sharing your personal Office 365 calendar Using a shared calendar using SharePoint, Groups, or Teams Creating a shared resource calendar in Office 365 Taught by 25-year IT veteran and Microsoft Silver partner Chip Reaves, Get It Done Sharing Calendars is designed for anyone from beginners to experts who want to share calendars among a group or team. About Get It Done courses: Get It Done courses are task-based training courses developed by Bigger Brains. Each course focuses on a common business task such as managing email, organizing files, or sharing calendars, and provides recommended tools, techniques, and best practices to get it done.