Full Stack Sales 101.So glad you found it.Full Stack Sales means owning the entire sales process end-to-end while leveraging technology to achieve your sales goals.Predictable Revenue is a major teaching of Full Stack Sales. Predictable Revenue is still underutilized by most businesses today.The premise of Predictable Revenue is role specialization.You have a Sales Development Rep (SDR) who is100% focus is on lead generation and qualified opportunity creation.You take this Predictable Revenue mindset and combine it with the sales hacking trend to create a power combination.Sales hacking is leveraging new age apps and advanced sales processes to drive revenue.My name is Matt Smith and I will be your instructor.I used these exactly lessons to scale my last company from $0 to $30M in sales in 3 years.I have closed deals with Hulu, Rosetta Stone, NBC, DJI and 1000s of other brands.My process to do this involved reading Predictable Revenue then becoming obsessed with finding the best sales apps out there to help me get stuff done. Currently I run my own sales hacking services firm, Full Stack Sales. My clients include companies like Sales Hacker,Tanga, and Surkus.These teachings and lessons truly changed my life and I hope you find them as valuable and impactful as I have.Cheers,Matt