There never has been a better time to drop your cable and landline providers, the alternatives are endless ! Want to explore ways to decrease your landline, wireless and cable bills? In this highly informative and interactive class, you will find out about new technologies like Roku, Apple TV, Tivo & Hulu. You will find out how to get free HDTV channels and select the proper HD antenna for your area. You will learn how to communicate via FaceTime, Ooma & Google Voice to replace your landline phone, saving money and giving you piece of mind from telemarketers and scams. You will learn how to pick the proper cell phone plan for your family to share minutes and data. In this 1:25 hour course, you will also learn about the improving your wi-fi/cellular signal in your home, resources to measure your wi-fi strength and tips on proper surge protection to protect your TV’s, computers, routers, printers and MUCH MORE!