This course will teach you how to develop iPhone and iPad apps with zero programming experience. My name is Benny Hsu and I had an idea for an app back in 2011, but didn't know any programming. I tried to learn from books and courses but found it way too hard. I didn't have years and the patience to learn how.  Then I discovered outsourcing. I thought outsourcing was for simple tasks only. You know – make reservations, update calendar, maybe book some airplane tickets. It turns out – there is a lot more to it. This was the answer to how I could get my idea developed amazingly fast, without spending hours and hours learning new skills and technologies. Outsourcing was my ticket to make it happen, but I still I had a lot of concerns:Where do I look?How do I convey my idea?How to hire?How can I make sure I don't get ripped off?How much will it cost? And more…So I learned as much as I could about this business to just get started. I would learn the rest along the way.I finally got started in 2011 with my first app, Photo 365. When it was released in August 2011, it had earned me $33,997.77 in 30 days. Apple featured it as New and Noteworthy two weeks after I launched. A week later, Apple named it App of the Week. Unbelievable! Usually apps that get selected are from companies with employees and startup funding. Apple probably didn't know I was just a guy, with no experience, who outsourced his work overseas. If it wasn't for outsourcing and the process I created, this would have never happened. Now I have three more apps (see my bio) and am developing more.  I still have no idea how to program. I couldn't write a single line of code to save my life. I don't even know how to upload my apps. I'm not technical at all.  I'm just a regular guy who hated my job and wanted to find a way to make money that I actually enjoyed.  What about you? Have you dreamed about developing an iPhone app, but dont know how? I can teach you.Building my first app has changed my life. I used the same framework again and again to create my other apps, and Ill keep on using it. I want to give you this framework, so you can start creating your very first app. I know thats what I needed two years ago when I was looking for answers. I have step-by-step videos that will teach you my proven framework for developing a winning app idea, where to hire, what to look for, how to conduct interviews, hiring the best team, and getting your app looking good in the App store.When I began creating apps, I learned a lot! I've made costly mistakes, but I have learned from them. I'm made adjustments and have fine tuned the process. I want to make sure you don't make the same mistakes and dont have to go through such a steep learning curve.You will get answers to all of these common questions:I have an idea, but what should I do if its been done already?How can I make sure I dont get ripped off when I hire people?How can I protect my idea?Will this cost a lot of money?I have an idea for an app, but dont know what the next steps are.How can I make money from apps?Im not technical so I cant do this.Im really bad with graphics and dont know how to make it pretty. And more…All are good questions, but none of the above can stop you from achieving your goal if you follow my framework.Are you ready? Let's do it!!