This is a Deep Explorer course for Deep Divers and/or Divers interested in getting involved in Deep Diving beyond the recreational No Decompression Limits, also called Technical Diving, find out what it takes to Deep Dive. The Deep Explorer course will take you thru clear & straight to the point techniques to be able to have the flexibility you need to explore deep enviroments.A Deep Explorer need to be able to modify the plan as need and adjusting decompression to whatever situation may arise. Choosing the right Mixes to breath by enriching them with Oxygen and/or Helium to reduce Gas Toxicty, requires mathematics calculations that are only as complex as the person who explain them, is reall y basic math in fact.Handelling the equipment to perform this dives is also a big part of the challenge, but if don’t systematically is quite progressive and fast to learn, specially when you get an evolve technique based in Deep Diving applications worldwide in various enviroments for the last 20 years.Expect Videos including Voiceover Powerpoint penetrations with detailed information, Topic Quizzes.This information is intended to be use by capable and qualified Deep Explorers & Divers, or for students soon to participate in a formal DPV class, including land drills and in water skills practice.We have include the following main Deep Explorer Course Topics :Equipment Configuration & UseNitrox, Trimix and OxygenStandard MixesDecompression Exposures & RulesEmergency ProceduresAlso we review the Basic Diving Skill forDive PlanningBailout ConsiderationsNDLNOTICE : This Course is mostly included in the Become a Safe & Efficient Dive ExplorerWARNING: DEEP DIVING IS POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU APPLY THIS INFORMATION UNDER DIRECT SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL