Youre an artist a graphic designer youre writing a book youve developed a website, youre a photographer, youve recorded some great music.. .. youre a start-up. In that case, you really need to understand how to protect your intellectual property. It could be your most valuable asset- and the easiest to steal. Someone breaks into Coca Colas premises and steals a truck. Thats easy to sort out. A truck is physical. Coca Cola owned the truck, they taxed it, they registered it. They even insured it against theft. Intellectual property Your photos. Your designs. Your novel. Your music composition are your intellectual property, so you need to understand the basics of copyright protection. What will you learn in this Copyright Basics: How to Copyright? The really basic stuff, like how to type a Copyright symbol on your computer you know, the little C in a circle in this copyright basics course. The difference between copyright, patenting and trade mark protection. Why protecting a product design is different from a graphic design. The ins and outs of registering copyright and Ill explain the dangers in using whats called Poor mans Copyright Ill reveal all the misconceptions – and there are lots! For example THERE IS NO EQUIVALENT of the Drugs Enforcement Agency. There ARE no copyright cops. There is no authority that will sort out disputes for you How to find out if someone has already registered a trademark How the music industry and book publishers are protecting themselves against internet Pirate sites. And Ill show you how, even as a one-man band, you can get someone who infringes your copyright to desist – without going to law. In fact, Ill share a real-life Case Study where another writer copied my own website – wholesale. How I stopped her in one day flat. AND, Ill give you lots of really useful links. Plus some interesting anecdotes and history about copyright to amuse you along the way. Take this Copyright Basics: course right now and learn how to copyright your intellectual property.