Everyone wants their own little slice of success on the internet, don’t we?No doubt, you’ve found yourself on websites and thought, “I wonder who owns this site?”You’d probably be surprised to find out that many of the websites that you visit on a day-to-day basis are owned by people just like you!In this course, I’m going to teach you how to build a niche website business just like those sites you visit and wonder about!Ever since the original dotcom boom in the late 1990’s people dreamed about what it would be like to build an online business, but then they dismiss the idea because they think that the technology is beyond them or that they need to create the next Microsoft or Google to be successful.Nothing could be further from the truth.For the last ten years, I’ve been building websites in a variety of different markets, attracting free traffic, turning those site visitors into various forms of revenue and then either keeping those sites or selling them at up to 40x their monthly net profit!And here’s the thing, it doesn’t take any in-depth technical skills at all to build and run a niche website business.I’ve been working on and perfecting my processes for a decade now and Ihave the entire thing locked down tight – when Idecide to go into a new market and build a site, my chances of success are extremely high.So you might be thinking, “Why would you share this process away if it works so well?”The truth is stranger than fiction – the market for building a portfolio of income generating web properties is enormous and strangely, as more people enter the industry, with my system it becomes easier to spot opportunities, but it also attracts more INVESTORS into the asset class.Investors? Asset class? Web properties?Yeah, income producing niche websites that accrue in value over time as assets are now an investment class that serious investors are beginning to put money into in a big way.Website brokerage marketplace, Flippa, brokers over $5m per month in site sales and in 2017, brokered 30,000 sales.The New York Times in 2016 bought a site dedicated to technology and gadget reviews called “The Wirecutter” for over $30m and that site was bootstrapped by one guy, from his own only a few years earlier.This is a growing industry and the more quality assets that are built out, the more money that will pour in.So what am I going to teach you exactly?I’m going to teach you how Ithink about the entire process of investigating markets and then I’m going to show you how I do it.You’re going to learn:How to spot potentially valuable and profitable nichesIdentify serious competitors and ones that you can overtake Which topics you can focus on to establish your footprint in the marketHow to setup and build your niche websiteWhat tools are going to help you get the best outcomeHow to research and create content that attracts free trafficWhat you need to do to scale and grow your site over timeAnd much, much more…What do you need to do to have success?I think it’s important to spell out for people upfront what’s expected of them to achieve the kind of success that I’m talking about because the truth is, it would be easy to “sell the dream” and make people believe that they can push one or two buttons and money will fall out of the sky, but that’s simply not the case.You’re going to have to put the work in!You’re going to need to watch the lectures in the course, take notes and then go out and put what I show you into practice.The process is easy, I show you the tips, tricks and tactics, but the thing that I can’t teach you is… hard work and consistency.If you’re willing to put the effort in over three, six and even twelve months, then that’s not something Ihelp you with.But if you want it, and you’re able to put in a couple hours of work every week, then this system and process that I teach in this course is something that you can totally make work for you.So what are you waiting for?See you on the inside!